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Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

Visnyk of Dnipropetrovsk University. Series: Linguistics

Included into «The list of scientific specialized editions in which the results of dissertations on competition of scientific degrees of doctor and candidate of science can be published», approved by the Order of Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine № 261 from 06.03.2015

Certificate of the state registration of print media KB, № 21031-10831P from 24.10.2014

УДК 811(060.55)

ББК 81Я5

ISSN 2312-2919

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Requirements to articles



(the list of scientific specialized editions in which results of dissertations on competition of scientific degrees of the doctor and the candidate of sciences, approved by the Resolution of HAK of Ukraine from 06.03.2015, № 261 can be published)

In the journal «Visnyk of Dnipropetrovsk university. Series: Linguistics» (further «Visnyk») articles on general linguistics, the language theory, Slavic, German and Romanic languages, theory of translation, cognitive linguistics and cross-cultural communication, written in Slavic and West European languages, are published.

«Visnyk» is meant for scientists, specialists-philologists, graduate students and students of philological faculties, as well as a wide range of the readers who are interested in problems of contemporary linguistics.

In compliance with the Resolution of the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine from 01.15.2003 No 7-05/1 “About increase of requirements to special edition introduced by the HAC of Ukraine” (Bulletin by the HAC of Ukraine. – 2003. – No 1) a scientific paper is supposed to include the following issues:

1) setting of a problem on the whole and its connection with important scientific or practical goals;

2) analysis of recent studies and publications in this direction that serve as a basis for the author`s research;

3) assignment of the parts of the general problem considered in the submitted paper that have not been dealt with;

4) formulation of the purpose of the paper (setting of the task);

5) presentation of research with complete validation of obtained results;

6) conclusions and prospects of future search in this direction.

The articles which are not in keeping with the requirements by the HAC of Ukraine should not be admitted.

Page model, typographical coordination

- Format – A4 (210×297).

- Article volume – from 6 pages in the format of «Visnyk».

- Font – Times New Roman.

- Line spacing – 1.

- Margins: the top – 2 cm, bottom – 5,7 cm, left – 1,5 cm, right – 5,5 cm.

- Paragraph space – 1 cm, the tabulation identical under the whole article.

- Quotes have to be identical under the whole article («quote»)

- Please, distinguish between dash (–) and hyphen (-): difference is scale and presence of spaces before and after dash. The dash «(–) » is inserted by simultaneous pressing of the Ctrl+Shift+dash keys.

- Initials before the surname (for example, A. B. Romanov), abbreviations i. e., e. g., p. t. o., XVIth с., are typed with indissoluble space (keys Ctrl+Shift+space-bar are pressed on simultaneously).

- The illustrative material is printed in the italics.

- Links in the text of the article should be shown in figures in square brackets, specifying at first the position of the quoted edition in the Bibliographic references, then the page (for example: [2, p. 51], multivolume sources – [6, V. 2, p. 12]). The end of the sentence is put after brackets.

- On the first line of the page UDC-code – in the left corner (a bold-face type, 10 pt) is printed.

- The second line – the initials, the surname (centered, bold, 11 pt).

- The third line – the name of the place of work or study (centered in bold italics, 10 pt).

- The fourth line – the article title (centered, capital bold letters, 12 pt).

- In a line – the summary (to 500 signs) and keywords (5–7 words) in Ukrainian – semiboldface

In a line –the article text, 11 pt.

- After the article text in a line Bibliographic references (the title – a bold-face type, 12 pt), in accordance with State Standard (ДСТУ ГОСТ 7.1:2006; issued according to requirements (see Bulletin of the HAK of Ukraine) given in alphabetical order. – 2009 . – No. 5. – Page 26-30) – 10 pt.

The list of references in Bibliographic references has to include not fewer than 8 positions.

After Bibliographic references the References in English written in Harvard style must be done. Then transliteration of each link comes. It is done with the help of Internet (

- After References in English in one line the summary with keywords in Russian (similar to the Ukrainian summary) and the original author’s summary with keywords in English (1200–1500 signs) – a bold-face type, 9 pt is placed.

NB! The English summary is a short repetition of the article structure, including introduction, purposes and tasks, methods, results, conclusions.

Model of the article presentation

UDC 801.311

(in the left corner bold letters, 10 pt)

N. O. Smirnova

(centered, bold letters, 11 pt)

Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University

(centered, bold italics, 10 pt)


(centered, capital bold letters, 12 pt)

The summary in Ukrainian (up to 500 signs), a bold-face type, 9 pt.

Keywords (5-7 words) – semiboldface italics, 9 pt.

Article text (11 pt).

Bibliographic links

(centered, bold letters, size 12)

  1. Арутюнова Н. Д. Жанры общения / Н. Д. Арутюнова // Человеческий фактор в языке. Коммуникация, модальность, дейксис. – М. : Наука, 1992. – С. 52–102.

  2. Попова З. Д. Когнитивная лингвистика / З. Д. Попова, И. А. Стернин. – М. : АСТ : Восток – Запад, 2007. – 314 с.


  1. Kudryavtseva L. A. (2004), Modeling of vocabulary dynamics [Modelirovanije dinamiki slovarnogo sostava jazyka], Kiev, 208 p.

  2. Miloslavsky I. G. (1977), “Synthesis of word combination and derivative”, Problems of linguistics [“Sintez slovosochetaniia I proizvodnogo slova”, Voprosy jazykoznaniia], No 5, pp. 53–61.


Author. Work place. Article name (in Russian).

The summary text in Russian (to 500 signs).

Keywords: (5–7 words).


Author. The place of work. The title of the article (in English).

Summary (in English) (1200–1500 symbols).

Key words: (5–7 words)

The following materials are submitted to the editorial board:

- the printed artcle text with summaries and keywords. Pages of printed-out article are numbered in pencil on the back;

- the printed-out data on the author(s): surname, name, middle name; scientific degree and rank; place of work and position; home address, contact phone, address e-mail;

- the review of the research supervisor for the authors who have no scientific degree (with the signature of the candidate or the doctor of science on the corresponding profile; the signature is certified by the seal);

-in electronic option (CD- disk or by e-mail) in Word 97-2000 edition for Windows 98-2003, kept in the .doc and Rtf format): separate files submit: a) the article with summaries and keywords; b) the data on the author(s).

Names of files have to be issued in Latin and correspond to the author surname, for example: Petrov_statja.doc; Petrov_svedenija.doc.

Data on the author(s) are submitted in the Ukrainian, Russian, English languages

Surname, name, middle name

Scientific degree

Academic status

The full name of the organization where the author(s) work(s)

Division name (faculty, chair)


Postal address of the organization

Organization phone number

Home address

Phone number of the author(s)


Article title

For the organization of information location on the magazine «Visnyk of Dnepropetrovsk university. Series: Linguistics» and materials published in it on the site of the professional edition (according to point 2.9 of the order of the Ministry of Education and Science, youth and sports of Ukraine of 17.10.2012 No. 1111) and indexations in scientometric bases English-speaking translations of articles (in full, with the indication of the title of the article and the full name of the author(s) are accepted.

NB! The English-speaking version of the article isn’t published in issued «Bulletin», and its placement on the site is free. Responsibility for translation quality is on the authors, the editorial board reserves the right to return low-quality translation to completion. In case of need the editorial board can provide services in article translation and the author’s summary into English. Cost of translation is 1000 printed characters (with gaps) – 50 hrv. (6 US dollars).

The articles are subject to additional reviewing by experts in corresponding directions concerning compliance to requirements of the translation, structural and substantial and technical registration. The article can be returned to the author for completion or for further work of the author with this material.

The authors bear full responsibility for the materials and their compliance to scientific ethical standards.

The articles which do not conform to requirements of registration and printing aren’t accepted.

Deadline for the articles in the journal issue of 2017 is February 20, 2017. The articles submitted later will be published in 2018.

Editorial board address: Oles Honchar Dnepropetrovsk National University, Faculty of Ukrainian and foreign philology and art studies, chair of general and Russian linguistics, Gagarin Ave., 72, Dnepropetrovsk, 49010.


Please feel free to address your questions concerning publications in the journal «Visnyk of Dnipropetrovsk university. Series: Linguistics» to the vice editor-in-chief Dyachok Natalya Vasilievna

Fabrichno-zavodskaja str., 23, Apt. 11, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, 49089.

phone.: mob.: 050-953-25-81.


or to the editor-in-chief Pristaiko Tamara Stepanovna

phone.: home.: +38 (056) 753-32-71; mob.: 097-299-19-46.